Nickel Carbonyl Powder

Power Characteristics: gray and black power, complex micro-morphology, for example three-dimensional chain like filamentary,spiky,needle like dendritic niclel powder,etc.


Carbonyl Iron Powder

Power Characteristics:Gray and fine power, which is globular particles like onion microstructure.Its characteristics are high purity, high flowability, high dispersibility, high activity, excellent electromagnetic, pressing, sintering ability.


Jilin Zhuochuang New Materials CO.,LTD is the largest holding subsidiary of JILIN HOROC NONFERROUS METAL GROUP CO.,LTD.the headquarter is located at the foot of Changbai Mountain and on the bank of Songhua River.It is also a large non-ferrous metals processing enterprise engaged in mining,concentrating,metallurgy and chemical engineering.It covers an area of 4.5 million squuare meters,and the total asset is RMB 6.5 billions.Enterprise technical center was identified as the National Technical Center,awarded as the National High and New Tachnology Enterprise and the Provincial Independent Innovation Enterprise in 2008.Our company is recognized as national innovative pilot enterprise in 2009,and is evaluated as Jilin science and technology innovation enterprise of Hundred Household in 2010.
In 2002,JIEN NICKEL combined with Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)and China Iron & Steel Research Institute(CISRI) to set up the metal carbonyl joint laboratory,and mainly study the metal(including nickel,iron,cobalt,molybdenum and tungsten)carbonyl processes.We invested 0.4 billio

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